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Limitless Light Within



If there is one phrase that sums up my aim in life, it is "Dare Alla Luce," which literally translates as "to give to the light."  

YOU are meant for greatness - truly!  There is no accident to your birth, nor your experiences (every last one of them).  The brilliance and the fullness of the light you are is screaming to get out.  

Unbury yourself from your fears and doubts, from the past (or future), from the expectations of others, from trauma & abuse and the habits that self-perpetuate struggle. 

And, guess what?  You already have within you absolutely everything you need.  Let go of the lie that you are weak and that you are less then.  It's bullsh*t!

Your divinity is laying dormant, desiring to be awakened.  Yearning to color your world with the truth of who you are.   

Unleash, beautifully and powerfully, the Queen or King you authentically already are.  It is time to step into your power, to guide the people you came here to lead and to live the stupdendously fantastic life the Divine wants for you!

       What are you waiting for?

I Stand For

Divine Sexuality & Sacred Wealth


I am here to breed empires of light!  What does that take?  YOU!!!  

You stepping into the fullness of your power, taking the throne that is your birthright.  Ruling AND serving AND receiving as the King or Queen you already are.  The marriage of the beauty and the ferocity, the grace and the grit, the power and the surrender.  100% Authentically Divinely YOU!  And the legacy you create in love and in business.

Why Divine sexuality & sacred wealth?  SO glad you asked :)   

Your Divine sexuality is your power, your confidence, your fuel that powers your desires and creates the very fabric of your reality.

Your sacred wealth is how you impact and penetrate the world, shifting it's consciousness with your choices and energy.

These 2 areas are the most misunderstood and where many of us have the most difficulty.  It is TIME to harness the God-sourced gift they actually are, to wield them in a way that chooses for light, for love, for consciousness.  And to breed the reality for yourself, your family, your clients, the Earth, and the future that is the sacred blueprint we signed up to procreate.  

Let's begin!


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