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Welcome to Nurturing Divine Beauty

Much Ado About Sophia


Who I AM

Ciao Bella (and yes, you are beautiful, no matter if you're a man or woman)!  It's fabulous to connect with you!  Baci!

Sophia Leva-Marie at your service - somatic beauty architect, ambassador for Sophia Christ consciousness, sacred sexual priestess, intuitive self-love tour guide, energy healer, Italophile, life curator, travel writer, fashion designer, beauty & luxury aficionado, avid reader, ocean lover, romantic, sales trainer, invitation to BE, and fellow traveler on this amazing roller coaster of a journey we call life.

Someone who sees past the illusion (the bulls--t story holding you hostage) - to the brilliant, beautiful, powerful Queen or King you already are.  I see YOU!!!  

Our two greatest fears are that we are not enough and that we are unlovable.  I'm here, not to have you aspire to who you want to be - I'm here to remind you of the truth, YOUR TRUTH.  You ALREADY ARE the living InBodyment of the Divine and you can have the life, love, body and soul-full embodied purpose you desire.  NOW!  Just by being ALL of YOU - Magnificently!     

What The Royals Just Like YOU Are Saying

~Tami Baum   Photographer, Realtor & Luxury Sales Associate     Salt Lake City UT

When looking back upon my life, the first person that comes to mind, surrounding healing and transformation, who has forever changed my life, is Sophia Leva-Marie. Sophia magically came into my life while taking an online group course together. At first she was just words, thoughts, and an image in the comment section; yet as she wrote, something awakened inside of me, a knowing that I required to meet her, to know her. Only a few months later we did, in fact, meet in person. My life has been and will be forever changed. My life blossomed into something more gorgeous than I could have ever conceived.

Sophia’s wisdom, compassion, and direct responses to my questions and queries, shake me and wake me into new perceptions of powerfully ponderous thinking. She aids me into taking action upon these new revelations. In addition, Sophia’s other talents are recognizing and directing me to envision my life in its finest glory, to challenge me to live a more authentic life, combined with simple daily and weekly practices, all while adding beauty, confidence, and refinement to my presence, wrapping it all together with luxury, laughter, and playfulness. This truly is Sophia’s gift to this world. She is and will forever be one of the greatest investments I have made and one person with whom I will continue to invest.

~Amytra   Actress, Singer & Angel Reader      Napa CA

A wise, gifted healer - Sophia is love personified. Her soothing tone disarms and comforts you into an open-hearted, receptive state. Then she intuits questions that guide you to your own higher wisdom. Within minutes, I found myself releasing ages of stuffing and masking emotion to get by, as I was lovingly guided to reveal and voice deeply-held patterns at the core of my current issues. 

In another session she showed me how to dialogue with my body and to honor what it has to say.  It was quite poignant to admit to myself that I habitually neglect my body's requests for care and nurture. Now, I make it a priority to reconnect and restore trust between myself and my body so she no longer has to scream to get my attention. In Sophia's care you are, and will feel, completely safe to make major energetic and emotional shifts before your ego knows what caressed it into submission! I am eternally grateful for you! 

~ Robin Hunter   Earth Mama, Costume Designer, Teacher & Dancer     Austin TX

Through her commitment to working on self and her loyalty to serving her highest purpose, Sophia is such a beautiful example of trusting and surrendering to the divine creator within.  With humor and charm she reminds me that we are all magnificent creations here to serve a unique and essential purpose. Many times I’ve experienced a calming shift in my perspective and inner being while listening to Sophia’s healing voice and basking in her loving energy.  She is truly a gift! 

~Tracy Elizabeth Roman   Soul Seer & Spirit Renegade     New York NY


​​Sophia exudes such love and warmth that you can't help but open up. Holding a space of non-judgment and support, she gently guides you to the truth: that everything you need is within you. Sophia is a gifted and nurturing healer. Do not hesitate to work with her. It can change your life.

~Janice Sapphire   Shaman, Goddess, Intuitive Coach & Healer     Arroyo Grande CA


Sophia Leva-Marie, I think you're wonderful!   You always have wise tools to utilize that shift me to another level in higher consciousness and allow me to move forward.  

I would feel more light around me and your sessions put a glow in my face. Your divine love state of being is fierce and courageous. 

~Julia Djeke  Writer, Healer & Yoga Teacher  Brooklyn NY  


I've had the pleasure to meet and get to know Sophia Leva-Marie over two years now. Although she presents herself quite humbly, she carries with her great wisdom. I find that Sophia Leva-Marie's greatest strengths include her ability to slow down the conversation, actively listen, and contemplate ideas that are being discussed. This is particularly important as it relates to discussing sex and sexuality, which can be a terribly intimate topic.

Sophia's intuition is highly attuned and she's great at reading energy. She's perfect for anyone who might be timid discussing sacred sexuality---and for someone who wants to be heard, understood, and provided a perspective that will help guide your journey.

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I adore connecting in person.  You'll find me wandering through Boston, California, Italy and other magnificent power portals.  Breathtaking environments, luscious food & sumptuous conversation.  All that is missing is YOU :)

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