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Welcome to Nurturing Divine Beauty

Kali - The Resurrection of Your STRENGTH DNA


Are You Ready to Change YOUR Life??

The deeds and persona of Kali Ma been manipulated to keep you in fear of her! 

Kali Ma’s greatest power…

the ability to heal and restore your STRENGTH DNA was purposely obliterated so that humanity would remain in slave mentality!

Not only does Kali have the power to ritually resurrect your lost STRENGTH DNA…Her tongue and saliva have unparalleled power to heal!

Yes, to heal the wounds of this lifetime, past and alternate lifetimes.

How I awakened to this deep truth…

I had the amazing opportunity to receive a channeled healing with Kali Ma, facilitated by my friend Rebecca Marina.  It struck me in the heart as soon as I heard of it, yet I didn't know what I was in for. 

The gift of Kali Ma's wrathful tongue

For so long it's been maligned and so misunderstood.  Yet, it is one of the truest gifts - a healing on the most intense level. 

Kali showed me a vision…

As the teaching began, the word entombed kept coming to mind.  And when it was my turn to express my wishes for healing, this was confirmed.  The shroud was covering my eyes.  To the beauty that I am, that I never saw, blinded to it from before birth.

The tears started flowing.  And I experienced such a gracious benediction.  This Goddess was crying - for me.  For not knowing how beautiful I was.  For the pain I experienced.  For me to heal.  For those of you who have had similar experiences.

Her wrathful healing tongue cleared my sight.  Then she gently parted my legs, healing the internal memory of rape and incest.  And then healed my heart.  Kali Ma laid her head upon my belly and wept with me.

My tears were for me.  My tears were for you.  In grief.  In healing.  In gratitude.

The name Nurturing Divine Beauty came to me in a dream.  The poignant truth is that we teach what we learn.  My Divine beauty, in all forms, that I'd been significantly blinded to - it can help heal the beauty in you that's ready to be seen.  

If you're ready to see the truth of your Divine beauty, and for the world to in turn see YOU, it is time for you to HEAL!

Let Kali Ma heal you

Let Kali Ma heal your weaknesses whether it be your physical, emotional, energy, or parallel body.

As I heal, you heal. As you heal, the world heals!

It is time to free your precious soul from the wounds of many lifetimes. Your soul came to be a part of this resurrection and, in doing so, has suffered so much!

It is time to end the suffering!

It is time to restore the STRENGTH DNA by the ritual of Resurrection!

Let those who have courage ask Kali Ma to ‘lick their wounds’ with her wrathful tongue.

*Kali wants you to know that in the use of the word WRATHFUL, it indicates strong intensity. The damage was INFLICTED with strong intensity and must be removed by such.

Let Kali Ma heal your weaknesses, whether it be in your physical body, emotional body, energy body, or parallel body. 

There will always be those who desire to steal your power…yet, when your STRENGTH DNA strand is restored…yes, activated by the resurrection ritual of Kali…it will act as a repelling force of its own accord. 

What you need to know…

The conscious resurrection of this ‘lost’ strand of DNA invites another and another and another DNA strand to emerge from hiding!

This is part of the ‘return to wholeness’ that is being offered to our species at this time of accelerated accession process.

It is NOT necessary for the whole of humanity to participate in these resurrection rituals…only those who are being called.

Sophia, the Divine Creatrix, calls these ones, ‘Key Code Masters’…it is part of your souls agreement. Once you are activated by the resurrection ritual, you become a broadcasting station. There is nothing that you have to consciously ‘do’.

Resurrection of DNA within a few KEY humans is enough to be the SALVATION for all! 

You don’t have to attend a live event to get the benefits!  Everyone reading this will receive the benefits of those ‘Key Code Masters’ who step up, embrace the ritual, and begin to broadcast for the good of all!

It is time to say YES to your rightful gifts and calling.

You know who you are - your heart is yelling…Do IT! DO IT! Do IT!

Worldwide audio transmission -  Kali, The Resurrection of the STRENGTH DNA. 

**My deep gratitude for Rebecca Marina allowing me to share this with you!**

You can have all THREE audios and access to all the healing powers of the Tongue and Saliva of Kali… “The Power of 3, a perfect Trinity!” 

Drop into your heart and see if you are being called!

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What wonderful things will you do with your newly found strength?

*Finally have the inner strength to start and sustain that new business

*Start a new relationship?

*End an old relationship that is draining you

*Perhaps you will use your newfound strength to get healthier and stick to your self-pledge.

*Why not use the strength to step out more boldly on your spiritual path?

*To channel, to be more intuitive, to increase your healing powers?

My & Rebecca's wish for you is that you have the strength to allow more peace, joy and abundance in all ways!

Heal with Kali Ma



 My dear Rebecca
I remember your face when you talked with me. You see what Kali was doing and you even felt kind of revolted. But it made perfect sense to me.  Two years ago I fell on a mechanical step and broke my eye.  I not only needed twelve stitches outside, I also had a vitreous detachment and spent almost two months blind with all kinds of flies and dark rings inside my eye.  They began to fade very slowly.  Kali not only cleaned the leftovers inside my eye with her healing tongue, she also cleaned the wrong point of view in me.  You know “what the others will think said if …”
She does something very strange afterward as she cleans my ear. I never told you that I was born with a medium ear condition and I have tinnitus and pain ever since.  But she goes there, to the very root of my issue.  I could feel that many life issues were stored in my ears and in my amygdala.  So many lifetimes trying to balance my karma, with no success at all, and were erased by her wonderful saliva. 
And finally she healed my tongue, but it was very weird, she uses her tongue, her long tongue to touch the very beginning of mine, not the tip, the very root.  I feel awkward, it was a deep throat thing, but I woke up the next morning with the feeling that I have two throats or two openings to be more accurate. One is the usual; you know mouth, throat, and lungs. Another new one that went from the Alta major to the base of my throat, a little bit over the collar bone, in the hollow above. I feel the energy coming from my mouth when I sing, but I feel the energy coming from my deep throat also.   It seems very like the heart. You feel the energy going from top to bottom of your body though your heart, but also radiating outside your body in a cone of light in your front and back.
Anyway, I feel very grateful for my own healing, for my moms' healing and also to be able to share all my fellow souls' healing. It was a truly gift from Kali and from you Rebecca. 
I´m still digesting the idea about me having a piece of every good and spiritual teacher inside me.  It was really a very powerful insight.
Thank you for your class, for your willingness to do your part, your bravery to share all the stuff with us, and thank you for your beautiful, sweet heart Rebecca.
I love you so much, my dear sister. You can share all or part of my letter in any way you want and use my full name also, no problem.

Love Silvia , your Spanish sister