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Welcome to Nurturing Divine Beauty

The Woman Who This Is For



YOU - if you're ready to let go of trauma, drama, addictions and abuse around the 3 F's - food, finances and F***ed up relationships (with anyone or anything, including your body)!

YOU - if you're willing to open to the truth that your spirituality and sexuality are the exact same energies and choose to have that fullness infuse every area of your life!

YOU - if you're OVER the struggle and 100% committed to make yourself a priority today and do WHATEVER it takes to have it all, a LUXE life & business!

YOU - If you are ready to face the past experiences of rape, incest, sexual and physical trauma and let that s**t go!

YOU - if you want to live fully engaged, with all of your senses (all 7)!

YOU - if you are tired of being last on your list, waiting for life to happen and you're FINALLY ready to claim your sensual power and create what you really desire!

YOU - if you're ready to live a life of love, starting with self-love!  Because you've been misinformed -- it IS all about you!

YOU - if you're ready to COMMAND the forces of the Universe and wield your intrinsic power and you need to know where to start!

YOU - if you're ready to say F**K the fear and be visible anyway!

YOU - if you're ready to introduce YOU to the world.  And to yourself!  With grace, ease, beauty AND the soul-infused impact you came here to rock!  

Sound familiar?  If so, attraversiamo (let's cross over).  We'll curate your custom Bella living style based on a self-loving bedrock of body wisdom, beauty, Divine sexuality and a re-aligning of what you know to be sacred.  So that you fully InBody ALL of YOU!  

Give yourself permission to show up for yourself, your loved ones and the world - as the Queen you were born magnificently to BE! 

This is your life! WHAT are you waiting for?

I Stand For

Beauty ~ Divinity ~ Luxury


We've forgotten the biggest detail of being a woman - there is ALWAYS a choice!!!  And when you define your life as you choose to live it, that IS what you create.  Learn how to decide and commit to AND for YOU!  

Tap into your elemental power and sensuality that is the storehouse to your creative energy. You have ALL of the power to create life within you - YOUR LIFE!

I am the Goddess of Design - interior and external.  No, I don't mean your home - though I would do a fabulous job!  I am the Goddess of guiding the re-design of you, inside and out.  So that your internal landscape and the life you live matches the God(dess) Source you already are!

Craft your definition of beauty, divinity & luxury, marrying it with your innate power, thereby creating a gorgeous living tapestry that is more fabulous than you could ever imagine.  

Starting today!

Body Wisdom


Your body is the ultimate, perceptive instrument of the Divine.  No judgment, full awareness and absolute knowing of how to create absolutely everything you desire. 

Do you know what that FEELS like?  

Has trauma or abuse or just the daily doldrums of life buried your relationship with your body so that you have little to no sense of what your body desires or requires?  Are you living in a protective shell of a body that is meant to keep everyone out?  I KNOW your pain.  And I can help!

Gift yourself a loving communion with your body so that you re-discover how your body was always meant to show up in this world - physically, sensually, purposefully.  Learn to gracefully co-create the physical body and life, the relationships, the finances and the purpose you were always meant for. 

Your body knows!  She's just waiting for you to ask.



Your body is thrumming with shakti, your feminine sexual energy.  It's the cosmic energy that creates life.  And, what better life to create than yours?

Our cultures, religions, families, cellular memory, and ancestral stories try to shut it down, to tell us that we are TOO much.  



Unleash, beautifully and sensually, the woman you authentically already are.  It is time to fully blossom into your power & sexual potency, to guide the people you came here to lead as the Queen you are, and to live the life the Divine wants for you!  It's more amazing than you could never imagine!

        What are you waiting for?


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