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Welcome to Nurturing Divine Beauty

~ Haley ~

Haley Helveston - Sexuality and Empowerment Coach for Women


She was a struggling health coach with no clients.  Now, she's a sexual empowerment coach with multiple opportunities, including speaking at colleges and being invited to one of the biggest radio platforms in Atlanta.  Personally, she has given up people-pleasing, drugs, alcohol, and unhealthy sexual encounters.   And, she IS so much more.

She gifted me her words and let me share them with you... 

~ Theresa ~

Theresa Bui - Executive Assistant, Mom & Entrepreneur

I have been working with Sophia for 3 months now...  I am not nearly the same person I was 3 months ago, not even a week or a moment ago!  I have never been fully myself as I am now.  The beautiful part is that as infinite beings, I will continue to step into my self and my Divine Queen more and more with each moment!  To start off, without a job in the past 3 months (which I quit, did a total 180, took a huge leap of faith towards my dreams and queendom), I have managed to manifest at least $15,000!!!  Without a job! Even this amount is taking me by a pleasant surprise as I totaled the numbers!

On a deeper level, where it truly counts, Sophia has been a Godsend.  I ask her often what took her so long to show up in my life.  Her reply is always, "I showed up when you were ready".  How true it is.  This journey definitely is not for the faint of heart, but it is the only one that truly means anything.  I have let go of and changed so many stories that do not serve me or are even mine.  I used to be very passive, felt badly for everyone, sacrificed myself to serve everyone else, but lived in anguish and anxiety with a sense of homesickness, feeling lost and stuck.  I have never been in such peace, joy, gratitude, freedom, and compassion as I am now.  I'm even giving myself permission to enjoy passion and pleasure!  I had always thought that to truly heal, I needed to do the "dirty work" all by myself.  Sophia has shown me that sometimes healing isn't about work at all. Sometimes it as simple and as powerful as a choice.  A choice in sharing your most vulnerable self with someone else who has been there, through the heartaches as well as the victories and magical manifestations. The best choice I have ever made is investing in myself and trusting that I (or my ego and boxed in thinking) do not always know best.  No one can kick me in the butt, light my fire, and guide me to "think" and to manifest in alignment with my desires, dreams, and soul as Sophia has. Sophia is super effective, special, and magical in that she is the perfect balance of action and energy.  I have listened and followed every single "manifestation guru", but they all lack one or two components that truly put you in the driver's seat of your Queen/Kingdom. 

(Sidenote, Sophia is also a very powerful healer and energy mover, in which she never ceases to amaze me in all of her amazingness!)  This may be long... but this does not even come close to the value, power, magic, and knowledge that having Sophia as a mentor, guide, and divine queen nurturer brings into my life.  I'm excited to see the multitude of magic that we will continue to create together! Absolutely love this woman and everything that she is about!  

I lived my first 35 years of life as a scared little girl. Every action was out of fear. Every feeling stemmed from a girl that was locked up in a box; afraid to whisper, afraid to move, afraid of causing any ripples, afraid to break open and shine. For the remainder of this 35th year and onwards, I finally am living as an empowered woman. For the first time, I’m learning the true meaning of self-love.